Why you need to watch Boku no hero academia

With the sixth season of Boku no Hero Academia already out, it's about time you start and watch the series. Boku no hero academia, or My Hero Academia if you prefer, has spawned numerous video games, movies and even a stage musical.

What is Boku no Hero Academia?

Boku no Hero Academia takes place in a world where 80% of the population has some kind of superpower called “quirks.” The story follows the lead character Izuku Midoriya, born without one of these extraordinary powers, despite his aspirations to become a hero. The series follows Izuku’s journey to becoming a hero and the journeys of his classmates as they strive for the same goal. 

Great characters

Boku no Hero Academia has a great cast of characters, from Izuku’s classmates to his teachers and villains. What Boku no Hero does great is paid special attention to the members of Izuku’s class, giving them all their motivations and goals for becoming heroes. Each character has a unique personality, style, and power. It’s a joy to see these characters evolve throughout the series and how overcoming challenges changes them for the betterment. 

A good balance between touching and comedic scenes

Boku no hero academia is a well-balanced series with both touching and comedic scenes. There will always be some heartfelt scenes along the way, from Deku’s origin story and Todoroki’s home life to the other character’s story arcs. While on the flip side, the anime has some really interesting and comedic scenes that balance the touching and fight scenes we often encounter throughout the series. 

The action, animation and soundtrack

The animation is sharp and fluid and has some incredible fight choreography. The variety of abilities clashes beautifully on screen, culminating in powerful action scenes that will leave you in awe—the soundtrack pairs beautifully with what we see on screen. Songs are perfect with the current scene, which helps push the scene and emphasise current events, giving the audience a great experience. 

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