Why you should watch Blue Lock

Blue Lock is a new anime hitting us this season. It's centred on Yoichi Isagi, an unknown high schooler who is conflicted about his playing style and decides to join the program to become the best player in the world. Now that we’ve got the synopsis out of the way let's get to why you should watch this series. 

It throws you straight in.

One thing great about Bluelock is that you are thrown straight into the conflict. This isn’t new to the genre, with shows like Attack on Titan and Spy Family establishing their central conflict straight away, but you wouldn’t expect that here. What makes it even better is that, at first, everyone is against the idea. People are fighting against the idea of abandoning their lives just so they could become a striker, but as time goes on, the conflict becomes even more complicated, with them knowing they don’t want to play dirty, but they must in order to win. 

A relatable protagonist

There are plenty of great protagonists in anime which whom you have nothing in common; Luffy from One Piece is a great example because he’s sweet and kind, but he has an almost cartoon level of abilities that makes it difficult to relate to. Isagi, the main protagonist of Bluelock, is the perfect example of a protagonist we all would love. He’s a normal human with a dream to be the best he can be. We can all relate to it as we strive to work harder every day to perfect our talents. He’s the perfect protagonist to root for because, on a deeper level, we all understand the feelings that he has deep down about knowing what is right and wrong, but also knowing what he must do to succeed. 

A diverse cast

Many anime often tend towards one particular style and make the most of the characters look that way, but Bluelock takes that and makes their characters look super different. All of them have different hairstyles, different builds, different eyes, different personalities, and different everything. If you watch this series, you will be spoiled for choice regarding your new favourite character.

Its a lot darker than other sports anime

Don’t get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with wholesome anime, but when it comes to Blue Lock, it just hits different. From the moment the show starts, you are thrown into the ringer of what this show is about. There's no sportsmanship, no team companionship. It's a battle royale but without the killing. It’s unlike any sports anime out there, which is perfect for anyone who isn’t a big fan of the genre. 

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