Our ten best weird Isekai

Isekai comes from the Japanese word meaning different world or another. An Isekai follows a protagonist who has died and is transported to a new magical world. The Isekai genre was oversaturated with overpowered characters, bland protagonists, and a series of tropes that were better left in the past. The Isekai genre is filled with an array of wonderfully weird stories that parody their bland ancestors. 

Reincarnated as a sword

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be reincarnated in another world as an inanimate object? No, me neither. Reincarnated as a sword has the protagonist, well… reincarnated as a sword (Isekai isn’t big on subtlety). They are helped along by a telekinetic power that lets them move around and an ability that lets them absorb the skills of their enemies and gain points to level themselves up. It's a fun, and comedic story as the protagonist finds a wielder and takes on this new fantasy world. 

So I’m a spider, so what?

So I’m a spider, so what? It is a story about someone being sent to a fantasy world and reincarnating as a spider. The series follows Kumoko as they struggle to survive a hostile new world. The story splits between Kumoko and Shun, another student who has reincarnated into this new world.  

Re: Zero

What Re: Zero does better than anything else on this list is torture the protagonist. In the story, our protagonist Subaru is given the ability “Return by Death”, giving him the ability to respawn at an earlier point. This is a great sound, right? Endlessly come back from the dead with all the knowledge of what happened before. Except Subaru has to die, over and over again, struggling every moment to get the future he wants, and he suffers from it. He doesn’t always handle it with the same unbreakable willpower we see from some other protagonists. 


Konosuba is a delightful story that brings a cast of characters straight out of absurdity. Our protagonist Kazuma Satou is transported to a fantasy world and brings the goddess who sent him there with him, kicking and screaming. Kazuma is joined by the masochistic paladin, Darkness and the explosion-obsessed mage Megumin. Konosuba brings a wonderful take to the Isekai genre with a light comedic feel and wonderfully parodies the Isekai tropes.

Cautious Hero: The Hero is overpowered but Overly Cautious

Cautious Hero follows a protagonist who is a little too… well, cautious; see what I mean about Isekais and subtlety. Cautious hero plays on the trope of the training arc by having the protagonist Seiya Ryuuguuin, train for his next battle at every possible opportunity. It's a fun take on the genre that makes fun of itself and the tropes of the genre. 

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

The saga of Tanya the Evil is set in an alternate WW1 where soldiers battle with magic and rifles. It follows the titular Tanya as she battles the omnipotent Being X, who attempts to make life difficult for our protagonist. The Saga of Tanya the Evil is filled with action and premodern battles that will leave you wanting more.

Reincarnated with an ordinary guy who reincarnated into a total fantasy knockout 

This series takes brings best friends Tachibana Hinata, and Jinguji Tsukasa to a fantasy world, except Hinata, has been transformed into a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. It takes a unique perspective in a fantastical world and builds an unexpectedly touching romance with some great comedy. This might be your show if you are looking for romance in your Isekai. 

I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years.

If you want an Isekai that is just a chilled-out adventure, this might be the anime for you. It follows Azusa Aizawa, a witch who is given immortality so she can spend her time doing whatever she wants, but then after 300 years, her life is transformed by a growing cast of characters who help her bring some meaning to her chilled-out life. 

My Next Life as a villainess

Did you ever obsess over one video game to the point you knew every secret, every ending and every possibility? Well, that's the plot of My Next Life as a Villainess. Our protagonist finds herself inside her favourite game as the villain, Catarina Claes. Catarina needs to do everything she can to avoid banishment or death. The series hilariously presents Catarina’s thoughts by having five mini Catarina debate issues.  

That time I got reincarnated as a slime

I couldn’t make a list without mentioning That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime. The series parodies the overpowered protagonist trope by making the protagonist Rimuru a slime. The series shows the protagonist’s evolution throughout the series, gaining new skills and new levels of power and expanding the world wonderfully around this single perspective. 

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