Elohim Saga is a brand and a community 
Elohim comes from the Hebrew word meaning ‘God’. We defied expectations and used this instead of the Japanese term ‘Kami’ as we wanted our brand to be synonymous with the one of the first languages created by man.

This is highlighted by our logo the Full Metal Alchemist, ‘God’, an iconic deity who emulates omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. Three traits which we try to exude in the detail of our designs, the message behind them and the impact each piece will have to your collection. 

‘Saga’ represents the new age of anime streetwear we aim to usher in. We found a huge gap in the market in terms of premium anime streetwear in terms of design, style, message and quality all of which our brand represents 

Our customers are the core of our brand and our ethos mirrors this, as we continue to dedicate ourselves to supplying you with quality streetwear. Join our community and stand out with us!



71 Wincanton Avenue, Manchester, M23 9AP, United Kingdom